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How to clean the human hair wig correctly?

Human hair are made of pure human hair that has been processed. It has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be baked, dyed, and hot. It is easy to change hairstyles, but most people because of improper care, it seems to have been treated. Yes, but the actual effect is very poor. This is why some people wear wigs for three years and they are still very new, while some people start to be curly after three months, and they are completely out of shape. Today, I will share with you how to clean and maintain hair.

The cleaning of a human hair is actually very simple, because the wig itself does not produce oil, as long as it is not particularly dirty, it can be cleaned once every 1-2 months.

1. Before cleaning, comb the hair with a special comb, which can greatly reduce the phenomenon of knots in the wig during the cleaning process.

2. Put the wig into the water and soak it. The water temperature is about 25 degrees. The soaking time is 5-10 minutes. If the time is too long, the hair will fall off easily; it must be washed by hand, and the washing machine cannot be used.

3. Choose a suitable cleaning kit for  human hair, avoid rubbing hard, gently grab the hair with your hands, and finally wash it with clean water.

4. After cleaning, use a dry towel to absorb the water on the wig. Slightly absorb the water on the wig. Remember not to rub the wig with a towel. Never twist it by hand or use a blower to blow high air and hot air.

5. Distribute the wig on the bracket, comb it neatly with a comb, let it dry naturally in the vent, and avoid drying it; when the wig is dry to 90%, gently grab the hair with your hand, and then use the special wig comb to remove the wig Comb smoothly.

6. After the hair is dry, you can enter the maintenance process and use some hair care essential oils for wigs, which can effectively control the frizz of the hair and make the hairstyle more smooth and shiny.

In addition, because hair wigs use human hair, they lose their nutrient supply after the hair is cut, so they are very fragile and easy to strain. Once the wig is pulled, it will lose its elasticity and become bent and will become curly. Therefore, no matter whether it is combing the wig at ordinary times or combing it after washing, you should pay attention to not using too much force, especially when the wig is knotted, the knotted place cannot be forcibly opened, and it must be gentle. Normally, when you comb a wig, the comb is generally slanted, but this is actually wrong. When combing the hair, the comb should be at a right angle of 90 degrees to the hair, which can minimize the damage to the wig, and it is not easy to comb the wig.


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