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Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig
Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig
Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig
Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig
Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig

Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig

  • 1.Brand Name: Meir Hair
  • 2.Hair Material: 100% Human Hair
  • 3.Hair Texture: Straight
  • 4.Color: #613 Blonde
  • 5.Density: 130% 150% 180% 250%
  • 6.OEM Accepted:Yes
  • 7.Quality: Double hair weft,soft hair, no shedding, no tangles, no smell, thick and long lasting
  • 8.Payment:TT/Western union/Money Gram/PayPal
  • 9.Shipment:Mainly DHL/Fedex by air,UPS/EMS/TNT can be acceptable
  • 10.Experience:Over 15 years experienced human hair factory

 Blonde Straight Full Lace Wig

The short full lace wig is one of the most popular lace wigs recently. It consists of a lace cap that covers the entire head, and 100% human hair is manually knotted into the lace hole to make it look nature. The full lace short wigs are cute and light when your wearing. And it is very suitable for girls who like to do excercise. Although the short full lace wig is short, it is thick enough and short full lace virgin wigs with bleached knots will not easily expose natural hair or scalp. 
In the current hair market, there are some synthetic short full lace hair wigs and short full lace wigs human hair. Synthetic hair is prone to knotting, tangling, and hair loss after several uses; while short full lace human hair wigs can last up to 1-2 with proper care. The most cost-effective one must be wholesale human hair short full lace wigs. Many of the so-called cheap human hair wigs on the market are mostly synthetic hair. Synthetic hair burns will have a bad smell. So, how do you buy real human hair? You can get free hair samples from Meir Hair Human Hair Factory. You can do the test with confidence. There will be no mistakes in buying hair under a guaranteed service.
As a wholesale hair factory,  Meir Hair offers full lace short ombre wigs, short pixie full lace wig, short curly full lace wigs, etc. you can get the high quality hair with cheap price.


If you are looking for a new look for your hair then the blonde, straight full lace wig is something that you should consider. It has been around for quite some time and has continued to be a staple in many women's hair. It has the ability to hide the hair loss that many women suffer from but there are also many advantages to it as well. For one it gives the illusion of having much more hair than you actually do. It will make your hair look thicker and fuller than it really is.


A full lace wig can be made out of either hairspray or elastane. The hairspray usually comes in spray form and should last you for at least six months. If you leave it on too long though you may find that it starts to lose its shape and the hairs begin to fall out. If you have done it with a salon, you will find that they will be able to give you advice on which product would best suit you and your hair type.


With the wig you will have complete control over the shape and texture of the wig as well as being able to change its colour. For instance if you have curly hair then you will be able to get it to curl up or if you have straight hair you will be able to achieve either of these fashions. As it is completely customisable, it is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a totally different look. Wigs are now available in every colour imaginable and come in all sizes so you can make yours to fit your frame perfectly.


Another thing to consider is that there are now wigs that are anti-static. This means that they repel the electricity that is used when you walk past them. So not only do you need to make sure that the wig you choose is made from good quality hair but you also need to find one that will repel the heat that you leave it in. By doing this you will help to prolong the life of your wig.


As you will be left with completely natural looking hair when you remove your wig the last thing you need to do is to make any changes to your hair. It is important to remove any mousse and conditioners that you have applied onto your hair before you remove the wig. By doing this, you are leaving your hair looking as natural as possible and you will soon forget that you ever had a wig at all.


A full lace wig is a great choice for anyone who wants to change their hair appearance. There are so many different styles and colours available that you will never get bored. Therefore, if you have any interests in this kkind of straight full lace wig, you can visit our online website to select what you like.



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