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black hair brown ombre color 1B/30
black hair brown ombre color 1B/30
black hair brown ombre color 1B/30
black hair brown ombre color 1B/30

black hair brown ombre color 1B/30

  • 1.Hair Grade:10A
  • 2.Hair Material: Braizlian Virgin Hair
  • 3.Hair Texture:Body Wave
  • 4.Color: 1B/30
  • 5.Length: 12-26" available.
  • 6.OEM Accepted:Yes
  • 7.Quality: Double hair weft,soft hair, no shedding, no tangles, no smell, thick and long lasting
  • 8.Payment:TT/Western union/Money Gram/PayPal
  • 9.Shipment:Mainly DHL/Fedex by air,UPS/EMS/TNT can be acceptable.
  • 10.Experience:Over 15 years experienced human hair factory.

 black hair brown ombre color 1B/30

Our wholesale ombre hair extensions can be colored and styled to achieve your desired look.Our Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair - The best quality human hair. The hair cuticle is complete and is arranged in the same direction to prevent entanglement and extinction. No chemical treatment, 100 natural soft.When you purchase brazilian hair ombre color hair extensions with us, you will get 100% virgin human hair. Shop 100% for virgin remy hair extensions today from our online Alis Brazilian hair top !


Firstly, more black hair brown ombre color extensions are typically made from either virgin Indian or European hair. These types of extensions contain a pigment called "EDTA" which helps them resist colour damage. However, due to a common manufacturing issue, European and Indian hair extensions can sometimes contain traces of an ingredient called "tartrate". This ingredient is what causes your new, lighter colour extensions to turn darker as time passes. If you're thinking of purchasing a lotion with this colouring component, kindly remember that the darker the colour, the more likely it is your shades will fade rapidly.


"Super Low UV Silk" is a popular semi-permanent colouring agent. However, this is a fairly new colouring agent and some beauty salons won't recommend it due to its tendency to fade. It's a great way for many women to temporarily add colour to their hair extensions without having to spend money on permanent colouring sessions every few weeks. However, if you choose to try this method, be sure to apply this dye with a coloured comb or sponge instead of a brush so that your new colour will blend evenly. Remember, if you leave your more hair extensions exposed to the elements (or a hot iron), the dye may gradually start to wash away giving your current colour a look of faded colour.


A semi-permanent solution consists of bonding each separate extension individually using a high quality human hair clip. High quality human hair clips made from 100% human hair will blend perfectly with your more shades and appear as though they were made just for you. Human hair extensions are available in many different styles and colours. For a more natural look, we recommend choosing extensions which come in dark and light styles - light extensions tend to fade more quickly than dark ones and may look washed out when placed in light environments. Another way to avoid fading is to choose extensions which contain an artificial pigment, like "black lace" or "night sky" - these pigments are generally very subtle and will blend beautifully with the rich texture and colour of your more hair extensions.


Once you have selected which clip you'd like to use on your more ombre hair extensions, it's time to prepare them for fitting. To help them blend evenly, it's important to use a high quality human hair clip which has been designed specifically to be attached to your scalp and not your clip on extensions. Once the clip has been firmly secured to your scalp, run your fingers through both sides of the clip - you don't want it to slip back down onto your head! Next, place each extension at the front of your head and tape them down (the longer extensions should be placed on top of your longer locks, so they don't slide back in) using clear plastic floss. You can then wear a headpiece of any length which will completely cover the clips - the beauty of this is that your headpiece will match the colour of your extensions - it will blend seamlessly!


Once you have successfully completed the whole process, you will need to allow your more hair extensions to acclimatize for at least 24 hours before you try to wear them again. This is best done in a hair salon, where professional stylists will be able to apply an aloe vera gel to reduce the color fade. The gel, which is readily available at any good health store or pharmacy, will help to thicken the hair and prevent it from sliding around on your scalp, which will help the colour to last much longer. Once you have returned to your own home, the extensions should blend seamlessly with your own natural hair colour.

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