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Skills To Fit The Nail Tip Extensions

Meirhair nail tip hair extensions are a valuable training method, as some clients are the only suitable method. If your client has very thin hair and doesn't stick with microring or nanoring extensions, or if the client keeps losing extensions quickly, nail tip extensions are a great option. As one of the oldest forms of hair extensions, they are not as common as they once were, however, they are still a popular method, especially among customers who have been doing extensions for a long time. Installing nail tip hair extensions has many similarities to methods such as microring and nanoring, but there are some differences that are important to ensure they are installed correctly.


U Nail Tip Fusion Keratin Human Hair Extensions Highlights Light Brown to  Blonde Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Girls


Step 1: When installing nail tip hair extensions, the hair extensions should be prepared in advance. When it comes to the glue tip, nail tip extensions come in a preset size, however, they are not designed to fit as well. They should be adjusted to the thickness of the client's hair, so for most clients you will need to remove about half of the ends. Doing this will create a neater and smaller link.


Step 2: As with all other individual gluing methods, you will need to section your hair first, then cut the first line of clean hair about 1" from the hairline.


Step 3: An important step in applying hair extensions to the tip of the nails is to ensure that the hair around the bond is protected from heat and any melted glue. Therefore, you must use a hair shield to protect the area.


Step 4: Take the pre-cut hair extension and place it behind the first section, making sure the hair is angled down to level the bond.


Step 5: Use a heat tool to melt the tip of the nail completely, then roll the glue between your fingers to create a tight/firm bond.


Step 6: Repeat this process all over the head using the same pattern as standard Micro-Ring or Nano-Ring placement. Always leave enough hair around the head to hide the hair when tied.


It's important to remind clients who wear nail tip extensions that using the right aftercare products is essential, but it's essential for nail tip extensions. If the adhesive starts to break down due to the wrong product, the extension may start to come off. It is also necessary to ensure that the extension does not dry out. This is because letting the glue get wet can weaken it, so it is essential to dry the extension in a cool environment after washing your hair.

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