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Hat Fall Wig

Hat Fall Wig

  • Human Hair Type: European Hair
  • wig: Hat Fall Wig
  • Length : 12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26 inch
  • Lace Wig Type: Hat Fall Wig
  • Density: 130%, 150%, 180%
  • Payment: Paypal;western union;banktransfer
  • Suitable Dying Colors: ALL COLORS

Hat Fall Wigs

A high quality, natural looking hairpiece that provides a more natural look than other cheaper wigs on the market is the hat fall wig. The open wefted back construction allows for an excellent neckline, and the thin, lightweight straw feels like no other. The result is a headpiece that is light, airy and easy to manage, whether you're using your own head of hair or just buying the whole thing as a gift for someone else. This article is going to look at how the hat fall wig was designed, and why it has such a unique feature.


One of the most popular types of wigs these days are ones that incorporate the use of natural human hair. These are the cheapest wigs you can get, as the hair is very cheap and easy to find which is why most people these days are switching to hat fall wigs instead.

Unlike a standard open wefted wigs style, the hat fall wig hat has a closed weft construction. This means that the hair is not exposed, so it looks cleaner and smoother as well. The wefts are also woven together more tightly, and the finish is higher than a typical open wefted style. The closed weft construction also allows for a sleeker more streamlined look, and it tends to be a bit more durable than the regular open wefted varieties. The hair extension is also higher quality, which adds to the overall value.

If you prefer to go with natural colors instead of bleached blonde, the Meirhair hat fall wig has the perfect solution for you. These wigs are extremely soft to the touch, and the natural color gives you a natural look that never has to be dyed. When you choose a hat fall wig, you will be getting a top notch quality product. These wigs also tend to last longer than the average natural color treated wig due to their superior construction.

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