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Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27
Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27
Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27
Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27
Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27
Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27

Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight 1B/4/27

  • 1.Hair Grade:10A
  • 2.Hair Material: Braizlian Virgin Hair
  • 3.Hair Texture:Striaght Hair
  • 4.Color: 3 Tone Color 1B/4/27
  • 5.Length: 12-26" available.
  • 6.OEM Accepted:Yes
  • 7.Quality: Double hair weft,soft hair, no shedding, no tangles, no smell, thick and long lasting
  • 8.Payment:TT/Western union/Money Gram/PayPal
  • 9.Shipment:Mainly DHL/Fedex by air,UPS/EMS/TNT can be acceptable.
  • 10.Experience:Over 15 years experienced human hair factory.

 Ombre Hair 3 Colors Brazilian Hair Straight

Ombre Brazilian Hair has become a trend of fashion.Our ombre human hair just offers various styles for selecting with ease and help fully show their personality.It just help people to vary widely in appearance.The silky straight bundles are true to length with ability to color and style. Our brazilian vrigin ombre hair is a healthy virgin hair extensions is absolutely human hair natural and synthetic free. All our wholesale Brazilian hair wigs are  conform to our strict unprocessed and pure standards.


Step by Step Instructions to Ombre Hair Extensions at Home


Need to have a go at something new with your hair augmentations? Offering a wonderful mix of dim to-light tones, straight ombre hair is a tremendously famous style that is ideal for accomplishing a warm, two-conditioned look. The best news? It's really simple to do with your hair expansions! As every one of our clasp in hair expansions and clasp in pig tails is produced using premium-grade Remy human hair, they can be colored, washed and styled similarly as you would your regular braids.


Stage 1: Apply Dye to the Top Section of Your Extensions


The initial step for getting straight ombre hair expansions at home is to peruse your color guidelines cautiously and combine the item as one as trained. Whenever you've blended your answer, press it across the top portion of your hair expansions, halting around the center of the hair. Whenever you've conveyed it across the top segment, you can apportion all your color into your blending bowl to make it simpler to access with the brush.


Stage 2: Brush the Dye Down Your Extensions


Next plunge your color brush into your color and begin to brush it down the length of your hair augmentations, halting again around the center. Press your brush tenderly down when brushing the color in to ensure it's truly worked into the expansions. You'll have to rehash the brushing cycle a couple of times to guarantee the color is very much mixed to accomplish an even completion. Try not to stress over a straight line – we're going to that progression next.


Stage 3: Feather Out the Dye


When your color is equitably disseminated across the highest point of your hair expansions, the following stage is to feather out the color to stay away from a feared straight line and guarantee a perfectly mixed completion. To do this, just delicately flick the brush down in vertical strokes towards the lower part of the two or multiple times until the line is mixed out. Whenever you've completed, run your brush down the length of your hair expansions from the through and through. On the off chance that you need to add some more color to the top, basically get some more item with your brush and rehash the interaction.


Stage 4: Repeat on the Other Side


Whenever you've completed one side, basically turn your straight ombre hair expansions over and start on the opposite side. You shouldn't make a difference as much color, as some will have leaked through from the primary side. Utilize your sift to brush it through again and rehash a similar padding measure.


Stage 5: Condition the Ends


Whenever you've wrapped up adding the color, brush conditioner through the closures of your hair expansions, as this will assist with keeping the color from rushing to the finishes when you wash it out.


Stage 6: Leave to Develop


Presently, you should simply leave your straight ombre hair augmentations to create! Make sure to check the directions of your color to get the timings right, as this can contrast between brands.


Stage 7: Wash the Dye Out


Lastly, when your hair color has completely evolved, it's an ideal opportunity to delicately clean it out of your augmentations with warm water, cleanser and conditioner. When all the color is out of the hair and the water runs clear, leave your hair expansions to dry normally.


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